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Champion Hunter Karen Young has been dedicated to educating young riders for over 15 years. Owning and showing Welsh ponies began as a teenager and has never ebbed. After receiving her BA Degree, Karen started training Paint Horses, in addition to training ponies and giving lessons, full time at ZW Ranch.
The 1990's were very successful. Several students were awarded YEAR END High Point Awards, not to mention Show Division High Points and Class Championships in English, Hunters, Western, Trail, Short Stirrup, Lead Line and Walk-Trot, plus numerous Halter Championships. Vintage Forestar
Res. Champion Western Pleasure
The common thead in training each discipline is a strong foundation in Classical Dressage. Although I don't show much in the Dressage arena, I use the principles and theories of several great Classicists. Horses and ponies are developed naturally, without gimmicks. Riders are started on a lunge line and often return to the lunge line to improve the seat.

I treat each horse and pony as an individual and find the right discipline for that individual so they will have long happy healthy performance lives.


Keepsakes Dandy Chaparral's Razzmatazz and Chelsea Parker Karen Young and Tide Creek Amber

It all started with the purchase of Shiloh Tiger Bay, a Sec. D colt. Although a wonderful performance pony, he didn't live up to my expectations as a stallion, but narrowed my vision of what I wanted, in the breeding shed and in the show ring. Fortunately I happened upon an overweight, shaggy stallion who turned out to be my swan. Once his registration papers were found, there was no turning back. I was hooked on Welsh Ponies. Heather Hill Brass Tacks became the foundation of my breeding program. He possessed the kindest disposition imaginable. In 1992, Heather Hill Brass Tacks became the American National Performance Champion showing only in Western Pleasure. Brass Tacks was - Heather Hill Brass Tacks

Unfortunately, Brass Tacks left us with siring only 4 purebred Welsh and 8 Crossbreds. A few to mention:

Kacey Marionette
Multi-High Points: English and Western Pleasure, and Trail.

Shiloh Tiger Bay:
Champion Hunter and Western Pleasure Pony

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Vintage Forstar 
English and Western Pleasure Res. Champion,
In-Hand Grand Champion Sec. A Bar GR Gold Dust
Champion Hunter Pony

Blessed Be